Profil curea 8x5;10x6;13x8;17x11;22x14;32x18 - Profile Belts 8x5;10x6;13x8;17x11;22x14;32x18 used in the motor industry, construction, machine tools, agricultural machines, household machines


Profil curea ZX/X10 ; AX/X13 ;BX/X17 ;CX/X22- Profile Belts ZX/X10 ; AX/X13 ;BX/X17 ;CX/X22 used in the following areas are machine tools, automobile construction


Profil curea AA/HAA; BB/HBB ;CC/HCC;22x22;25x22;DD/HDD- Profile Belts AA/HAA; BB/HBB ;CC/HCC;22x22;25x22;DD/HDD ,applications: agricultural machinery, industry, oil industry


Profil curea HA, HB,HC , HD- Profile Belts HA, HB,HC , HD ,applications combine harvesters



Profil curea VX- Profile BeltsVX ,applications : industry, agriculture



Profil curea AA/13; BB/17 ;20;CC/22

- Profile belts AA/13; BB/17 ;20;CC/22 ,applications : industrial areas where rapid depǎnǎrile are very important, that are very special environments (corrosion, high temperature)


Curele modulare

-synchronous transmission elements polyurethane or neoprene ;

D-HTD-5M ;D-HTD-8M ; D-HTD-14M;D-STD-S8M;HTD-3M;HTD-5M;HTD-5M;HTD-8M;HTD  14M;T2.5;T5;T10;AT5;AT10;AT20;D-T5;D-T10


Profil de curea tip 150 ,tip 200-  Profile Belt type 150 ,type 200 ,applications : combine harvesters, forestry sector, printing industry , food industry


Curele modulare

- Timing belts inch step ,MXL,XL,L,H,XH,XXH,D-XL,D-L,D-H





1-with rubber outer ( SC, KK, A, WA, R )

2 -with rubber outer and additional external ( TC, KK-T, AS, AO, WAS, RST, P )

3 -with metal exterior ( SB, SL, B, WB, M )

4 -with metal exterior and additional external ( TB, SL-T, BS, WBS, MST )

5-with metal exterior double (SA ,SKL,C,WC,GV )

6-with metal exterior double and additional external ( TA, SKL-T, CS, WCS, GVST )